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James McGibney is an American entrepreneur and former Marine. He is the CEO and founder of Las Vegas, Nevada based ViaView, Inc., which owns and operates the web sites,,,, and 

In particular, through, Mr. McGibney aggressively went after and shut down the three largest revenge pornography websites in existence. This has made him the target of numerous pedophiles, however as Mr. McGibney stated within his Wired article, "I'll never take my foot off the gas on people who go after children. And BullyVille allows me to do that. A lot of people might not agree with it and I just don't give a shit." There are countless negative and defamatory blogs authored by these pedophiles that target Mr. McGibney, nevertheless he continues to help victims of revenge pornography and pedophiles through BullyVille, and does so free of charge.

Mr. McGibney has been featured on Anderson Cooper, ABC Nightline, Extra!, Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, Howard Stern, The View, Good Morning America and Dr. Drew


McGibney received a master's degree in criminal justice degree from Boston University and attended Harvard Business School for his Executive Education. Mr. McGibney is currently pursuing his PhD in Education and Psychology. 



McGibney served in the United States Marine Corps, serving tours of duty with Third Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group (overseas deployment) and Marine Security Guard Battalion. He was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal while serving as the Operations Chief at Marine Security Guard Battalion in Quantico, Virginia.

McGibney founded SecuraTrak, a patented wireless satellite-based asset tracking system. He authored numerous patents based on wireless and GPS technology, in particular Patent 6,850,839 (spatial zone tracking) and Patent 6,509,867 (article tracking device). SecuraTrak was eventually acquired by a publicly traded company. He has over 40 trademarks filed with the USPTO.

McGibney was the first person in the world to launch Cisco UCS Blade Technology and did so within a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company (Tutor-Perini.) He was awarded Cisco's IT Excellence Pioneer award. 

In February 2011, McGibney announced the website, where anonymous users could post claims of infidelity, alongside names and pictures of those accused.  CheaterVille was fortunate to land their first TV deal with Warner Brothers and TelePictures. McGibney started websites based on similar user participation later in the year, as well as a matchmaking website.

In June 2012 he announced he would host his own radio show, VocalVille, on CBS radio station KXNT-FM in Las Vegas.


Is Anyone Up? purchase:

In April 2012, McGibney purchased controversial revenge porn site Is Anyone Up? from Hunter Moore for less than US$15,000. Web traffic for the site was redirected to This effectively shut down the previous site, and was the stated intent of McGibney. Three days after the transaction, Moore used his Twitter account to accuse McGibney of being a pedophile, of possessing child pornography and threatening to rape McGibney's wife.

McGibney sued Moore for defamation in Nevada's Clark County District Court in February 2013. The court entered a default judgment against Moore in the sum of $250,000.00 plus court costs, attorney fees and accrued interest. That judgement now stands at $326,806.00. Hunter Moore was subsequently sentenced to 2 1/2  years in federal prison. McGibney secured a second judgement against revenge pornographer  Kevin Bollaert for $330,000.00. Mr. Bollaert was subsequently sentenced to 18 years in prison.


SLAPP sanction:

In December 2015, McGibney was ordered to pay a $1 million Anti-SLAPP court sanction and $300,000 in attorney's fees to fugitive Neal Rauhauser for (as Judge Donald Cosby of the 67th district court concluded), "filing a series of baseless lawsuits against him for stalking and harassment." This was the largest sanction ever in the history of the United States judicial system. The ruling was temporarily reversed when the presiding judge granted McGibney's request for a new trial in February 2016, but reinstated in favor of Rauhasuer on 14 April 2016 with the SLAPP sanction against McGibney reduced from $1 million to $150,000. The judge ruled that McGibney had filed the suits to willfully and maliciously injure Rauhauser and to deter him from exercising his constitutional right to criticize McGibney. McGibney immediately appealed and on April 19, 2018 a three judge panel in the Texas 2nd District Court of Appeals vacated the monetary and non-monetary sanctions findings, and reversed and remanded the amount of attorney's fees awarded in ruling that the trial court had abused its discretion. The court of appeals further reversed the finding of "willfully and maliciously" and noted that Rauhauser's attorney had engaged in a "troublesome pattern of heavy front-end loading of legal work" in an affidavit justifying the attorney's fees he sought. Rauhauser appealed to the Texas Supreme Court and lost. He was ordered to pay all fees that McGibney had incurred during the appeal process.

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Dr. Phil interview with James McGibney